Improving outcomes through coordinated care

Conscience Community Network – a network of Illinois nonprofit service providers – is collaborating with the state of Illinois and local community partners to serve youth dually-involved in both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems throughout the state.

CCN will provide enrolled youth with intensive case coordination, development and facilitation of a Family Team process, and timely access to evidence-based treatments.

The Dually Involved Youth Project aims to:

Safely support youth within their communities

Prevent future criminal behavior

Help youth transition to adulthood

Develop a positive support team for the youth

How It Works

The Dually Involved Youth Project is based on a “Wraparound Process,” an effective way to coordinate support for youth involved with two systems of care such as child welfare and juvenile justice.

Wraparound is a goal-driven process that utilizes a youth-centered “Wrap Plan” for addressing the youth’s needs, and a support team which coordinates their care, known as the “Family Team.” Youth and their family’s involvement in the program is expected to last approximately 9–12 months. During this period of time, Family Team meetings occur at least one time per month.

The Family Team develops the Wrap Plan and identifies Family Team members, who typically include the youth, parent/guardian, service providers, schools, extended family and friends, and others chosen by the family as helpful supports. The Wraparound Facilitator facilitates this process.

The Family Team owns the Wrap Plan and contributes to its successful completion. Additionally, the Family Team provides ongoing support and encouragement for the youth and their family after completion of the program.

Who Is Eligible?

CCN is planning to enroll approximately 800 youth over the next four years with the following characteristics:


  • Are between 11 and 17 years of age at time of enrollment
  • Are under guardianship or in custody of State of Illinois’ child welfare agency (Department of Children and Family Services)
  • Are involved in the juvenile justice system
  • Have originating DCFS case and residency in CCN’s service counties (currently Cook, Franklin, Jefferson and Lake counties)
  • Have had less than 2 psychiatric hospitalizations in last 12 months
  • Have IQ higher than 70 (if known)
  • Are tried as a juvenile and claim(s) is not related to sexual abuse or assault
  • Are not living in DCFS’s transitional living or independent living facilities


  1. November 2015-July 2016CCN enrolled approximately 50 dually-involved youth in Cook and Lake counties as part of a Ramp Up period. The purpose of the ramp-up period was to ensure project operations worked effectively, including referral mechanisms and intake and service enrollment processes. In addition, the ramp-up allowed CCN to scale service capacity and conduct staff trainings.
  2. Winter 2016CCN negotiated a PFS (pay for success) contract with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. This contract will allow CCN to expand into a larger-scale initiative for up to 800 dually-involved youth in almost twenty counties throughout Illinois. This full-scale initiative will provide additional services over four years and aligns with the state’s commitment to establishing innovative, evidence-based pilot programs to tackle challenges facing young people in the state of Illinois.
  3. January-April 2017An additional cohort of 25 youth entered the program from Cook, Jefferson and Lake counties.
  4. June 2017Re-opened enrollment for youth in Cook, Lake, and Franklin and Jefferson counties.
  5. Summer 2017Complete fundraising and launch project.
  6. Fall 2017Open enrollment for youth in DuPage, Kankakee, Kane and Will counties.

This project is an innovative demonstration of how we can, collaboratively, improve services for some of our state’s most vulnerable residents, and it continues our administration’s efforts to transform health and human services delivery in Illinois.

Bruce Rauner


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