1. 2013Founded as an organization to pool resources and ensure more comprehensive, coordinated service delivery to youth and families in Illinois.
  2. November 2015 – July 2016 CCN enrolled approximately 50 dually-involved youth in Cook and Lake counties as part of a ramp-up period. The purpose of the ramp-up period was to ensure project operations worked effectively, including referral mechanisms, intake, and service enrollment processes. In addition, the ramp-up allowed CCN to scale service capacity and conduct staff trainings.
  3. 2016501(c)3 (not for profit) status granted.
  4. Winter 2016CCN negotiated a Pay For Success contract with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. This contract was expected to expand into a larger-scale initiative.
  5. January – September 2017A cohort of 44 youth entered the program from Cook, Lake, and Jefferson counties.
  6. Early 2018For a variety of reasons, the Department of Children and Family Services decided to transition the contract to a Performance Based Contract, rather than a Pay for Success contract.
  7. April 2018Enrollment begun under the Performance Based Contract which enrolled approximately 10-15 youth per month.
  8. July 2019A revised Performance Based Contract was established that allowed for 18 and 19 year olds to be eligible and included a longer expected length of time in the program.
  9. July 2021CCN expanded its Dually Involved Youth program to include youth in Will, DuPage, and Kane counties.
  10. July 2021CCN received a new grant to serve Lake County through the Immersion Site Wraparound Program. This program serves families that are Intact or have a goal of Reunification, utilizing the Wraparound approach that is also used in our Dually Involved Youth program.